Which Beer Has the Most Alcohol per Calorie?

People all over the world love beer. Some like beer made by monks, some prefer their watery domestics. Yes, most American beer is a bit pale and tasteless, but Americans seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to packing a lot of alcohol into as few calories as possible.

So to celebrate Friday, Statastic is providing you with a guide to beers that give you the best bang for your… belly. Bear in mind that alcohol content varies by state, especially if you’re living in Utah. This is also a limited sample as alcohol content and caloric data for beer is tough to come by.

Statastic’s Beer List may not help you avoid a beer belly – that’s apparently genetic – but it does provide a headstart for your weekend. The results? With the available data, Sam Adams Triple Bock is the champion. Of the beers you’re more likely to find in your grocery store or local bar, Michelob Ultra, Coors Aspen Edge and the great tasting, less filling Miller Lite are all promising. And if advertising is as accurate as I suspect it is, cracking open a cold Keystone Light is a surefire way to fill your hot tub with supermodels. Supermodels love watery domestics, especially when they only have 100 calories and 4.2% alcohol.


Beer Calories vs. Alcohol Content

All beer calories and alcohol content provided by RealBeer.com
Except: ^Calorie-count.com and CalorieKing.com